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Subject City State
Did Bob Dylan & Suze Rotolo stay here? Pennsylvania Elkins Park
Red Lion Inn, Bensalem, PA
Chicken Salad with Fried Oysters - Blue Bell Inn Pennsylvania Blue Bell (formerly Pigeontown)
The Carlyle Hotel - Known for Discretion New York New York
Crispus Attucks Hotel Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Knapp Farm - 115-year-old woman, George Washington (?) Pennsylvania North Wales
David Bowie Stayed Here; Abscam Sting Was Here Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Washington's Headquarters in August 1777 Pennsylvania Hartsville
Was Alice Cooper Here (Livengrin)? Pennsylvania Bensalem
Brown Palace Hotel - Beatles Stayed Here Colorado Denver
2 Popes Visited Here - Cardinal's Mansion Pennsylvania Philadelphia
The Hotel of Stephen King's The Shining Colorado Estes Park
Pervez Musharraf stayed here, on Philly's Main Line. Pennsylvania Villanova
J.D. Salinger lived in this college dorm room. Pennsylvania Collegeville
Kurt Cobain Spent a Lot of Time at this House Washington Aberdeen
There's a Small Hotel was written about this inn. New Jersey Stockton
President Buchanan slept here. Pennsylvania Glenmoore
Composer Julius Eastman was homeless here. New York New York
Two Gallants had band gear stolen here. Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Martin Luther King, Jr., Stayed Here in 1950 New Jersey Camden
Stones' Satisfaction Riff, Lyrics, Created Here Florida Clearwater
Did the Beatles sleep on the floor here in 1964? Pennsylvania Narberth