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Bruce Springsteen rehearsed in garage here, home of David Sancious, on "E Street." New Jersey Belmar
Springsteen at Uncle Al's Erlton Theatre Lounge, Cherry Hill, Twice New Jersey Cherry Hill
Upstage, a Bruce Springsteen Haunt New Jersey Asbury Park
S.S. Morro Castle Disaster (& 1st One-Way St.?) (& Jim Morrison) New Jersey Asbury Park
Sigma Sound (Bowie recorded; Springsteen visited him.) Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Where Springsteen got off the bus on his way to meet Bowie. Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Springsteen, etc., ate at Fred's at Barneys New York New York
The Main Point was here (early Springsteen). Pennsylvania Bryn Mawr
Springsteen Likes This Place - Sonny's in Asbury Park New Jersey Asbury Park
Springsteen Photographed in this Ice Cream Shop - 1978 New Jersey Camden
Bruce Springsteen Played Villanova University in 1973, 3X Pennsylvania Villanova
Factory where Bruce Springsteen's dad worked; in My Hometown New Jersey Freehold
A house where Bruce Springsteen grew up was here. New Jersey Freedhold
Bruce Springsteen met up with friend at diner here. Glory Days ? New Jersey Eatontown
Bruce Springsteen was born here. New Jersey Long Branch
Springsteen guest of Jersey Shore band here, 1982. New Jersey Freehold
Bruce Springsteen met Janis Joplin here, escaped her grip. New Jersey Asbury Park
Police Riot at Early Springsteen Show Here New Jersey Atlantic Highlands
Greasy Lake in Springsteen Song Here? - 1 of 2 New Jersey Freehold Township
Springsteen's dad worked at factory here. New Jersey Holmdel
Springsteen's Local Hero song inspired at this site. New Jersey Freehold
Bruce Springsteen played West Chester U. twice. Pennsylvania West Chester
Springsteen played Sing Sing, 1972 New York Ossining
Springsteen bought his Fender guitar here. New Jersey Ocean
Springsteen played at Satellite Lounge, Cookstown, NJ, despite new drummer and gas crisis. New Jersey Cookstown
Springsteen's Steel Mill Named Here; Bruce & John Landau Here New Jersey Long Branch
Springsteen threw Born to Run acetate into motel pool here. Pennsylvania Kutztown
Springsteen song about this Whole Foods store? New Jersey Red Bank
Springsteen celebrated his 40th birthday here. New Jersey Sea Bright
Springsteen, Joel & Manilow met here, 11/25/74 Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Springsteen saw his first rock concert here. New Jersey Atlantic City
Springsteen buys records at this shop. New Jersey Red Bank
Slow-Mo song mentions this corner. Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Springsteen's Seaside Bar Song Inspired Here New Jersey Manasquan
Crawdaddy Magazine was born here. Pennsylvania Swarthmore
Bruce Springsteen & Max Clinch were photographed here. Pennsylvania Asbury Park
Springsteen's grandfather had law office here. New York New York
Born to Run was written here. New Jersey West Long Branch
Bruce Springsteen motorcycle accident was here. New Jersey Freehold
Springsteen courted wife Patti at this diner. New York New York
Bruce Springsteen proposed to wife here. New York New York
Springsteen likes the pizza here. New Jersey Freehold
Springsteen played college arena 3X, once opening for Stevie Wonder. Pennsylvania Kutztown
Springsteen played Ursinus College, 1975. Pennsylvania Collegeville
Springsteen use turntable here to play Born to Run acetate? [Maybe not.] Pennsylvania Kutztown
Springsteen use turntable here to play Born to Run acetate? [Quite possibly.] Pennsylvania Kutztown
Springsteen bought clothing here. New Jersey Asbury Park